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Resa Peru & Bolivia - Inca Empire

Resa Peru & Bolivia - Inca Empire (15 dagar)

Original Resa Peru - Inca Empire. Denna två veckor långa resa bjuder på en härlig panoramavy över Peru och en glimt av Bolivia. Från den kosmopolitiska känslan i Lima till inkakulturen högt uppe i Anderna. I Cuzco och La Paz kan du njut av kulturer från nu och förr. Umgås med lokalbefolkning från flera samhällen i regionen - en unik upplevelse som få turister får vara med om. Erövra Inkaleden, en av världens mest kända och utmanande vandringar och upplev den fantastiska utsikten över majestätiska Machu Picchu. Vi samarbetar med regionens största arrangör vilket innebär att vi kan garantera att våra bärare behandlas väl och att mat och utrustning är av god kvalitet.


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I was highly impressed with the service, our tour leader, and all the guides were brilliant. I will definitely recommend this company to friends and family traveling to South America.

Niamh Doyle

My tour turned out to be a trip of a lifetime. I really appreciated GAP's consideration of local persons and services. It really made it possible to experience Peruvian culture. I have a great deal of respect for GAP's low-impact tourism policy!

Valerie Luchak

Extemely well organized! Also, the local tour leaders were really interesting and made the trip an unforgetable experience.

Eva Wenzel

I thoroughly enjoyed my first ever trip to South America. The Inca Trail and Cusco were great, but for me the homestay on Lake Titicaca and the stunning views of La Paz were the highlights. I was very, very, very impressed by the staff of GAP Adventures in Lima in helping me catch up with the group in Peru after my flights in were disrupted by Hurricane Jeanne.

Alan Gates

It was a fantastic trip and we had a wonderful group leader. I have recommended GAP to everyone I know as a result of my trip.

Lauren Nunes (Twitchell=maiden)

What a great way to experience South America. My third trip with GAP proves that this is a quality company. Steveo was a great tour leader who went above the call of duty - he contacted us the day we arrived to hangout (this was before the tour started) and he even spent time with us on his day off. A great time was had by all thanks to Steveo's enthusiasm and help in any area.

Leonard Savoy

I got back two days ago from a tour Inca Empire. Our tour leader did a great job for the group and amazed me. He had a good sense of humor; was well organized, made good decisions in special situations and took care of everyone who needed the most. I have no doubt in my mind that I will recommend Gap Adventures to all of my friends. Thank you Gap Adventures for giving me a chance to meet many nice people and making my trip unforgettable.Thanks also to our tour leader who encouraged me and took care of me during the difficult Inca Trail hike.

Peggy Liu

My name is Rebecca Durbin. I recently went on a GAP tour - the inca trail from April 27 to May 11. My tour leader was Jeff Kennedy. I can not express how INCREDIBLE he was!! Not only was he a fun person to be around, he made the trip itself interesting and I learned a great deal about Peru and the people of Peru. Jeff went from a great leader to an outstanding leader very quickly, however. I had some trouble with the trail and Jeff immediately took my health into his own hands without a thought. He was gracious and made me feel at ease, difficult because of the disappointment that came with what I thought to be as failure. When at the hospital, he acted as a translator - and even insisted that I take notes to pass along to my doctor at home, and receipts so that I might be reimbursed for expenses. Because of his clear thinking even in the midst of a possible emergency, my doctors here have been able to use the info gathered with his help, and therefore are better able to treat me. I can not express how deeply grateful and thrilled that Jeff was my tour leader. If there were an award, a medal, anything at all, I would gladly recommend him to be a recipient. I can only say that when I describe my experiences with friends and family, I will encourage them to use GAP because of Jeffs impeccable performance. If all your leaders are as wonderful as he is, your program will only grow in popularity and prestige.

Rebecca Durbin

The trip was amazing, a great blend of culture from the Incan civilisations as well as the modern day Andean culture. The Inca trail was definetely the highlight of the whole trip and having a guide who was a local was a fantastic asset for us all.

Claire Farrugia

It was excellent. The leader was helpful and knowledgeable, and the inca trail was amazing!

Nicolas Santarelli

I loved the way the trip was structured so as to eliminate for us all the hassle of having to make hotel reservations, travel bookings and so on but still gave us the flexibility to do our own thing. It was truly a best-of-both-worlds situation. Administratively, the trip went perfectly and it was extremely well-organized throughout.

Divya Anantharaman

The pace of visits were not to strenuous and the stops made were fantastic.

Loren Stewart

An amazing tour through two countries with unbelievable scenery, culture and sensory delights.

Margaret Temple-Smith

I had an amazing time throughout the whole trip, nothing was too much trouble for our guide Augusto and he really enhanced our trip. Doing this G.A.P tour was a great way to fit a lot of experiences into just a few weeks which would never have happened if I had tried to organize things myself. I would definitely recommend G.A.P to anyone and am already planning my next trip!

Jaclyn Reynolds

We had an amazing time! with no hickups at all. I have never felt more comfortable, and enjoyed a trip such as this one. Terry did an amazing job of making sure everything went smoothly from arranging our laundry, negotiating prices, awesome meals, and a great guy. Top quality service! The trip was everything and more. It far exceded my expectations. Thank you Terry!

Evan Ziemer

The trip was fantastic from start to finish; well organised, brilliant people and great times. The scenery and cultures were amazing.

Rachel Fitch

Corina was wonderful. If not for G.A.P Adventures I would not have had the tools to travel effectivly nor to focus on enjoying myself as much as i did. Excellent and happy to recommend to others.

Hamish McRae

The Inca Trail and the Lake Titicaca homestay were amazing!!!

Tara Bandman

I loved the trip. Highlight was the Inka Trail. Our GAP tour leader, Karina, was absolute fantastic. Nobody else would be able to do a better job.

Stian Røsdal

It provided an excellent combination of towns, lake, ancient sites and hospitality in well chosen restaurants.

Michael Bolton

I brought my dad on this trip for his 63rd birthday, and he said it was one of the most incredible, memorable experiences of his life. After having spent the last year travelling around the world by myself, I appreciated being able to still use public transport and having ample opportunities to interact with local people.

Shauna Donfeld

The tour was brilliant. It provided a glimpse into an ancient world that can not be matched. Every day provided a new experience and a memory to be treasured.

Angela Bell

Overall, a fantastic experience. It had the right combination of freedom travel but with the benefit of having all the basics organised like transport, accommadation etc.

Christopher Foster

A great group of people that we travelled with. Loved the Inca Trail - definitely the highlight of the trip!

Margo Barber

An intense and packed experience. As my first GAP adventure I can say this greatly exceeded all expectations! Extremely well organised with activities to do from start to finish, the highlight being of course the amazing Inca Trail.

Chi Tou Yip

I had such an incredible time! The trip was very well designed to expose travellers to experiences that they may not seek otherwise, such as learning about traditional village life through homestays. The use of local tour guides also made the the trip special, because they were able to strongly convey pride and love for their culture.

Linda An

Unforgettable - blend of old civilizations, amazing nature and contemporary local life opened a new window in my life.

Jasna Mravlincic

We had a really great time on our trip to Peru. Our tour ran very smoothly, despite political protests and train strikes. I was especially impressed with the local guides that we had, particularily the one who did the Inca Trail.

Deborah Upton

The Inca Trail was definately the high point of the trip. It was quite the experience.

Rich Gowman

Amazing trip, with the highlight being the 4 day hike to Machu Picchu. loved the feel of Cusco, the beauty of Lake Titicaca, and the bustle of La Paz... a pretty well-rounded trip!

Carly Ray

Overall great trip lots of amazing scenery , it was very soecial to be immerse in the culture

Barbara (Basia) Zozworek

I had a very enjoyable holdiay and some wonderful experiences. Unfortunately I suffered from altitiude sickness at the start of my holday. However Karina was most supportive and organised a doctor and even brough my medication to me. I am very grateful to her.

Mary Smithers

Wonderful experience. Very well organized. Much credit to Mimi, our tour leader, and Coco, our guide on the Inca Trail.

Wayne Yeechong

It was a good trip. overall, i had lots of fun with the people i met, and the experiances were great.

Francesca Benedetti

I enjoyed the trip, especially Ollantaytambo

Angela Shue

I had a fantastic time on this trip, I was really lucky with the people in my group, and with our tour leader, he was so willing to please, and we had an excellent time!

Helena Barton

Fabulous trip - Johana was amazing. Helped all the little problems disappear and knew the safest and most interesting activities. Knew all the background info we needed. Took a bicycle taxi and stayed with a native family on Lake Titicaca. Loved the Inca Trail and Machu Pichu, and all the many markets. The people of Bolivia and Peru are beautiful.

Susan Hawker

We had a great trip with good guiding. We were taken good care of all the time The inca trail was excellent. And the trip ti Titicaca was facinating.

Kjell Kvande

Trip was fantastic. Great tour leader and wonderful people to travel with. The accomdations were great and we got a real sense for the culture. It was also nice to travel with a very international group

Justin Angle

Fantastic! Felt I got a taste of Peru, enough to want to come back in the future and see more.

Claire Cassells


Lorna And George BLAKE

Brilliant trip and very well organised. Really gave a broad view of Peru and a bit of Bolivia.

Ursula Kavanagh

One of the best trips I ever did. Got to see alot of Peru and Peruvian Life. This was facilitated by an excellent tour guide and a very good itinery.

Ursula Kavanagh

Very interesting and very well run. High point was completing the Inca trail. Low points were bathroom facilities on the Inca trail and on the home stay.

Mairead Kavanagh

The trip from La Paz to Cusco with Juan was soooooo much fun. He is the best tour leader ever! We always went out to nice restaurants and saw interesting things. Machupichu was really mystical and beautiful, definately worth the hike. Some of the accommodations could have been better, but overall I have many fond memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Anna Schlagintweit

The high point of the trip for me was the Inca trail and having the opportunity to be the only person at the Winniewayna archelogical site.

Allan Davis

Overall was satisfied with the trip...and would highly recommend it.

David Ong

It was a challenging trip but always made fun by my GAP leader, Juan. The local guides were excellent too.

Janette Pavlik

Juan was cool and knows lots about Peru and is very passionate about his country. Wilbur, our guide on the Inca Trail was also excellent aand knowledgable, as was Henry at Lake Titticaca

Luke Anglicas

The Inca Empire tour was a fantastic experience. Jam packed with activities and variety.

San San Wu

The trip was excellent though at times tough and exhausting because of the altitude. The high points were meeting a great group of people and being imersed in a new culture.

Daniel Pavlik

The trip was excellent and our leader (and local guides) were all fantastic.

Peter Pavlik

We had a fantastic time. The group was great and our leader was dynamic. The itinerary was just what we wanted

Kathryn Cunningham

The tour was good...we experienced a vsriety of activities, sites, tours, etc. Transportation was varied; several different tour guides provided a multitude of viewpoints.

Emma Taylor

Trip was a blast! Well organized with the tour guide and segment guides all well versed in highlights, helpful hints, extracurricular activity opportunities, restaurant choices and group cohesiveness. We felt totally at ease with a group MUCH younger than ourselves.

Diana Lone

I had an amazing time throughout the whole trip, nothing was too much trouble for our guide Augusto and he really enhanced our trip. Doing this G.A.P tour was a great way to fit a lot of experiences into just a few weeks which would never have happened if I had tried to organize things myself. I would definitely recommend G.A.P to anyone and am already planning my next trip!

Jaclyn Reynolds

The Inca Empire Tour had the perfect mix of scheduled events and free time. The sites were just as spectacular as expected, but surprisingly the homestay was the highlight of my trip! There was no way I would have been able to have that experience without GAP.

Sandra Brunton

I found the tour itinery very good, was perfect for my needs and with where I wanted to vistit. I can not fault my tour guide Sara Serps, thought she was a lovely woman and always willing to help adn give good advise.

Rebecca Farnall

I flt that the tour was very well organised particulary by our guide Sara Serpa who worked very hard at all times to ensure that we were comfortable and happy. I was nervous before coming away as I had a split itinery through the Inca and Lares treks, but I was put at ease and everything worked out well.

Samuel Richard Callow

Generally a very good tour, with a good mix of organised activities, optional activities and free time.

Douglas White

Exceeded expectations. Well planned and organized. Sara was a very effective tour leader and all the hotels and transport were good.

Gordon Barber

Well organized and overall great experience.

Kathy Reducka

Fantastic. I had a brilliant time. The trip was comprehensive and well thought out.

Katerina Nolan

Well oiled machine! Nothing went wrong. Information provided was accurate and the experience unbelievable! It was a taste test of Peru and Bolivia. We felt safe and proteced but had enough freedom to experience these beautiful places.

Kenneth Kliendienst

I thought the tour was excellent. It was well organized, and planned out. Also enjoyed the days where I could relax, especially after the Inca trail.

Kathy Maraz

Overall it was brilliant! everything I expected and more in every aspect.

Angela Harris

I had a spectacular experience! Thank you for making this once-in-a-lifetime trip so successful.

Risa Waldman

The tour itinerary and the places we visited were excellent.

Conall Mcaleenan

Well organised. Good mix of activities. The itinerary was nicely put together, with the right amount of time allocated to each area.

Derek Van Rys

Great trip! It exceeded my expectations in most aspects.

Faye Shih

Definately a whirlwind, adventure holiday-just what I had ordered. The Inca Trail was more than I had imagined. I love that it has been kept so pristine and natural. Machu Pichu-a must see for everyone. Our guide, Gary, on Inca Trail was amazing, very informative and patient.

Laurie Morrone

My overall impression of this tour was amazing!!!! All the staff had such passion especially Cesar who was our tour guide for the Inca Trail. Everything about this trip was perfect. I would and am highly recommending this trip to friends and family!

Rachel Bilodeau

The organization of the Lares Trek was great!

Manuel Schmid

I thought GAP did a great job. Our main guide, Paula, was wonderful, our trek guide Roberto was the best, and all the other people we encountered, local guides, hotel personnel, drivers, etc. were personable, well informed and helpful. Everything went smoothly and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Nancy Weber

Great tour. Well organized. Nice balance of time off and planned activities.

Susan Wilson

I am so impressed with GAP: the social consciousness, use of local guides and locally owned hotels, environmental awareness and the chance to really see the country

Martha Lawlor

I really enjoyed the tour and it met all my expectations of what was outlined in the dossier.

Amay Tembe

A very good tour that allows someone to have a time out from the stresses of travelling, by having everything done for you.

Tony Davis

This was the trip of a lifetime for us highlighted by hiking the Inca trail to Macchu Pichu and staying with the family on Amatani island-a magical and mystical experience.

Susan Schott

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